Did you know?  Many scenes from the Netflix series Butterflies take place in this country mansion

Did you know? Many scenes from the Netflix series Butterflies take place in this country mansion

The local building is home to several filming locations of the world-famous Vajas series, one of which is Tatai Castle, which deserves popularity as an ancient lakeside home.

We previously wrote an overview of this tourist area, to show its unparalleled beauty. It is as if the city arose from a board: in the middle is the ancient lake, on the shore with Tata Castle. There is a wonderful castle not far, but here you can see a watermill, walk in an English garden, climb the lookout at Calvary Hill and of course enter the elegant churches to come.

Tata Castle – Yennefer House

The symbol of Tata and its most important monument is the romantic old castle on the north shore of the ancient lake. fourteenth. The golden age of the Gothic water castle, built at the end of the 19th century, dates back to the time of King Sigismund and King Matthias.

A XIV.-XV. At the turn of the 19th century, King Sigismund built the castle and, by damming the waters of the Rhine, formed the old lake. Later, King Matthias transformed and expanded it, increasing its beauty in the spirit of the Renaissance. At that time the castle was in its heyday, home to European events and a gathering place for supporters of this era. King Matthias’ favorite resting place was Tata, within his walls, which he enjoyed while hunting in Gerecse.

The Parliament of 1510 was also held here, and the fortress was captured by the Turks in 1543 and burned. He changed his hand several times during the Turkish occupation. The emperors rebuilt it into a modern Italian fortress. The frontier fortress in a strategic position was not spared from fighting, after a siege, and eventually lost its military importance after the Turkish expulsion, although Cork became a Transdanubian base in Transylvania and was captured and destroyed by the Habsburgs in 1707.

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The current image of the castle was formed during the reconstruction that began in 1815, and was rebuilt in the Romantic style according to the plans of Charles Moreau. It was then that the neo-gothic lake frontage was completed according to Frigyes Schmidt’s plans.

In its original state, only the four corner towers had become the eastern tower. The castle is surrounded by an Italian fortress on three corners and a water fortress with a fortress on the fourth.

Tatay Castle is well known to many in Hungary, but it has been even more popular since Vajay. He was given no less role than that of House Yennefer: wrapped in dim light on the screen, he stands alone on the banks of an ancient lake. Moreover, thanks to computer tricks, we can also see the upper floor of the castle collapse at the end of the fifth part of the first season.

castle gift

It’s worth visiting here and seeing the furnished Knight’s Hall in the Renaissance, but you can also learn about the history of the Tata guilds here. But it is also an experience to wander around one of the most beautiful and oldest artificial lakes in the country.

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The castle building has housed the Kuny Dominican Museum since 1954, where the collection is presented according to exhibitions of permanent local history, eras, and themes. The largest collection is the Roman and medieval stone archives, but those not protected by ancient stone carvings should also check out the most famous part of the bell tower on the top floor, the cross-vaulted Gothic Knights’ Hall, decorated with the massive reconstructed Sigismund Hall – the Knight’s Hearth.

The museum is a county-level urban institution, so the Roman Stone Gallery exhibits ancient archaeological finds from the Komarum-Estergom county area. Unique is the Roman Room, a complete reconstruction of three decades of work from a room painted in the Pompeian style of Brigitteo (carpet). The most beautiful sculptures of the Sigismund and Matthias era of Tata Castle and ornately carved stones from the Benedictine Vértesszentkereszt monastery can be seen in the medieval stone shop.

a In the medieval gallery Medieval ruins can be seen in Tata and its surroundings, as well as materials from a nearby medieval palace and a rotunda church. In this room you can also see the model of the mentioned buildings. In the castle’s majestic Knight’s Hall, a visitor can find a Renaissance interior. The exhibition titled “The Rebirth of Tata” deals with the developments of the Tata family from the Esterhazy family, and their lives are illustrated in an article entitled “The Life of a Noble in the Eighteenth Century”. The story of the Tata industrial boom is presented in the exhibition “The History of the Tata Guilds”. In the local history gallery we can learn about Tata pottery, the famous crab pottery and the history of the Tata guilds.

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Practical information:

  • How to get there: Tata Castle is located on the banks of the ancient lake. Guests arriving by car can park their car on Váralja Street. The castle is just a few minutes away from the Tata Bus Terminal. The building is accessible from Váralja Street, Tópart Street and Eszterházy Promenade.
  • Address: 2890 Tata, Váralja utca 1-3.
  • Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 09:00 – 17:00
  • Tickets: Adults: 1,000 HUF, discount: 500 HUF
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