Developer mode never leaves Xbox consoles!

For example, Microsoft allows us to run valid emulators even on the smaller console, the Xbox Series S.

We’ve also written before that “a pinch of salt” also performs very well, for example RetroArch, DuckStation or PCSX2 emulators using developer mode. For $20 (about $7,200 in euros), you can create a developer account and enable developer access on your Xbox console. the situation.

Redmond appears to be disabling developer accounts that do not use this feature to publish and upload content to the Microsoft Store. And anyone who isn’t a developer, but tests or simulates bundled homebrew software for home use, for example, doesn’t plan to use developer mode and account in this way.

a GBATemp Microsoft blocked access to developer mode, where Modern Vintage Gamer, a good and reliable video maker, made a video YoutubeAfter he himself received an email from Microsoft indicating the inactivity mentioned in the previous paragraph. Originally, this could have been the news, but there have been developments in the meantime, so the word NO is in the title as well.

Jason Ronald, Director of Xbox Product Management A on Twitter He wrote that the Redmond folks have no plans to remove or turn off Developer Mode because they believe in a healthy, independent game and app development environment on Xbox. Inactive accounts are checked regularly, but some Partner Center accounts (which enable developer mode on Xbox One and Xbox Series) have been affected, i.e. disarmed. Microsoft is now working on identifying and reconnecting them, so access will be restored.

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I asked anyone who wanted to regain access earlier to write an email to ReportApp [kukac] Microsoft [pont] com then apologize for the inconvenience and thank us for our patience. At least it turned out to be just a grain of sand a in machines.

source: WCCFTech

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