Departure games should be listed earlier!

Players who subscribe to the middle and upper tiers of PlayStation Plus want Sony to notify their fans ahead of time when the game is about to leave the service.

Sony tried to get sneaky about two weeks ago when it removed the “expiration date” from games on PlayStation Plus, the day they left the service. For this, users began to compile the list themselves, which is not an easy task, and it is very sad that it is like that at all, because it happened only due to Sony’s negligence. Microsoft will announce at least in advance in its two monthly updates which games will be removed from Xbox Game Pass, usually two weeks after the announcement.

Although Sony has since indicated a departure date again (so we have to ask: why should it be removed?), on reddit Subscribers are critical because Sony doesn’t give them much time to play Greedfall, for example, which leaves the service. According to them, it is impossible for someone to play an RPG (which could take 50-75 hours) in less than two weeks. (Ok, it is physically possible, but you have to eat, drink, perform physical needs and work too…) According to them, in the case of shorter games (such as SOMA), a two-week warning before departure is appropriate. According to the user who wrote the review, approx. They have 30 games on their list that they’d like to play from the PlayStation Plus Extra catalog, but it’s impossible to prioritize one game over another when they know they don’t have a lot of time.

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This is another issue with Sony’s renewed subscription service. It is a fact that Microsoft does not leave much time either, but this has become the norm for them, and Sony has adapted to it, although it could have been done differently. PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers get five more games from Ratchet & Clank (including the cloud-based PlayStation 3 versions), but the company simply broke its promise and unnecessarily split the service’s monthly updates in two. At the end of the month, the company announces the PlayStation Plus Essential menu, then “Later in the month,” a good two weeks later, the next month, a week before the update, it just says what PlayStation Plus Extra / Premium will get…

The last category is completely neglected.

source: PSL

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