Curling: The Olympic Dream of a Mixed Hungarian Couple Is Still Alive

The mixed Hungarian duo, composed of Dorothea Palanxa and Zolt Kiss, reached the relegation stage directly in the Olympic curling qualifiers, after beating the Danish team 8-3 on Wednesday evening, MTI reported.

Zsolt Kiss (left) and Dorothea Palanxa can continue to fight for their performance in Beijing (Photo: Csaba Dömötör, Archive)


According to the International Federation website, at the tournament held in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, the Hungarian doubles won the first three finishes 1-0, but the match was not decided after that, but in the fifth period: laying the foundation for their victory .

The two-time world champion finished third in Group A with a 4/2 win index for the Hungarian doubles, and the South Korean doubles will be waiting for him at 9am on Thursday.

The competitions will be held in two groups, with the participation of 14 national teams in the alternative qualification competition. There will be two national teams in the tournament. The first place in the two groups, Australia and the United States, will automatically advance to the semi-finals, where the second and third intersect each other for a place in the top four.

Olympic Qualifiers Mixed Doubles, Leeuwarden
Hungary-Denmark 8-3

Hungary-Australia 6-7 – after extra time

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