He said goodbye to Bond, but he would stay there on Hollywood Boulevard forever.

British actor Daniel Craig, who last played James Bond, received a star on Wednesday on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

a No time to die 007 will be shown in US cinemas starting this weekend. Craig played the British Secret Agent for the fifth time in production, spanning the 15 years of his career in the period when the role was associated with his name.

Craig’s star, whose number was 2704, opened before 7007 Hollywood Boulevard next to former Bond actor star Roger Moore.

In addition to Barbond Broccoli and Michael J. Wilson, producers of the Bond films, the party No time to die The villain Rami Malek also appeared.


The 53-year-old Malik Craig has been hailed as a classic and old-school actor.

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a No time to die Her show has been postponed three times due to the pandemic. However, for its British and international premieres this weekend, tickets went on sale for $121 million.


Meanwhile, Craig has already filmed the sequel to The Crime in the Dagger, where he again plays the detective and plays Macbeth on Broadway from March.

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Daniel Craig says James Bond doesn't have to be a woman to play


According to the actor, who resigned from the position of James Bond, because they will have to choose among much better roles.

Daniel Craig becomes Honorary Commander of the British Navy

MTILife + Style

The actor received the same rank as James Bond.

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