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With its own interfaces in the VOID series, it looks good not only during the Christmas holidays, but also in everyday life.

RGB lights have been a part of the “home” part of computing for some time now: Colored lighting is always an option for computer cases, various components, and peripherals, making it compatible with home décor over the Christmas period.

We have already mentioned the Kolink VOID housing series several times in our blog, and one of its main features is the special front panels – which, with their ingenious optical trick, give the impression of looking in a tunnel, empty space (obviously the name of the series), and this effect is achieved by reflected colored lights .

The VOID family currently consists of three members who listen to VOID, VOID Rift, and VOID X, respectively – all in black, but also in the first available white, VOID White version. Each is a classic ATX mid-tower with a two-room interior, and it can also be said that its design is traditional. This means that extras such as contrast, special ventilation or cabling options are missing, and the focus here is on the display of the configuration (which is why there is a tempered glass side available) and on the front of the panel.


Representation of the basic model Empty and the white void The top of the front panel has an inverted (and hard) triangle element where cleverly placed RGB stripes evoke a sense of depth. This can be matched by a 12cm rear fan with addressable RGB lighting – lighting effects can be controlled using the buttons on top of the front panel. There are also two USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports and two audio connectors.

To ensure not only the view but also the ventilation, there are five additional fans in 430 x 190 x 400 mm VOID in addition to the aforementioned rear vent: three can be installed behind the front panel and two can be installed under the grille – a protected cover, but if necessary, a can be installed 240 mm radiator at the front. Seven expansion cards can be installed inside, of which the maximum length of the VGA is 310 mm and the height of the CPU cooler is up to 160 mm. The housing can accommodate four of the data storage units, and two combined (2.5″/3.5″) and two 2.5″ holders have been developed.


The triangular window of VOID “DOUBLE” A X void, which is not only different, but also larger: with a size of 453 x 210 x 415 mm, it can handle even more serious devices, for example, the length of the graphics card can reach 365 mm, the size of the processor is even cooler up to 175 mm, the front panel Behind it is a 360mm radiator for a high-end water cooler, but due to the higher height we can also put a 240mm unit on top.


While VOID and VOID X decoration use only part of the front panel, the void crack In this case, the entire surface is already a “tunnel”. Here, reflected points of light rather than streaks create a sense of depth, but their color is just as controllable as with other models. But the front panel design is not the only difference between the 485 x 200 x 400 mm Rift and other VOID versions: this model allows the graphics card (up to two slots up to 355 mm thick) to be installed vertically, provided we provide an optional jack cable.

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Another difference is that the fan built into the back here is 12cm, Void ombra Serial version of which the center section produces a 3D effect with an optical illusion that looks like a front panel. In addition, five more air agitators can be installed in the chassis, and the water coolant can be placed forward (360 mm) and upward (280 mm). When choosing a processor cooler, you can consider models up to 165 mm in size. The connector row above the front panel includes two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 connector, and dual audio headers.

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