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Could dark energy be weakening throughout the universe?

Could dark energy be weakening throughout the universe?

The largest 3D map of the universe ever created helps decipher the evolution of the universe. However, scientists may have been wrong about the behavior of the dark energy that makes up most of the universe. Now it seems that this mysterious power may be weakening over time.

clarification: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

“If this is true, this is a very big deal,” says Adam Rees, a researcher at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. new world In his report. He was the man who found the first evidence of dark energy 25 years ago. The standard model of cosmology, known as lambda-CDM (cold dark matter), suggests that the strength of this phenomenon should be constant over time.

According to our current knowledge, dark energy is causing the accelerated expansion of the universe. If it is constant, and if it is not, it could also have a major impact on our ideas about the beginning, size, and ultimate fate of the universe.

The implications could mean “serious research ahead of us in our knowledge of gravity and its scope,” says Rees.

The strange results come from the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) in Arizona, and even DESI staff aren't quite sure what their data suggests is that dark energy may have weakened recently. “This is all we've been talking about for months,” DESI spokesman Kyle Dawson explained.

Dark energy DESI

Tool from DESI in Arizona. nAerlab/KPNO/NSF/Wikimedia

What is dark energy?

the website This phenomenon is a hypothetical form of energy that physicists use to explain why the universe is not only expanding, but also why the process is accelerating.

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In kitchen parlance, dark energy can be called gravity's evil twin. It's basically an anti-gravitational force that exerts negative pressure that fills the universe and stretches the fabric of space-time. Meanwhile, dark energy is chasing cosmic objects away from each other at a faster rate than ever before. This is the opposite of what gravity exerts on objects.

It is estimated that dark energy makes up about 68-72% of the total energy and matter in the universe, meaning that it largely dominates both dark matter and everyday matter. In short, we know almost nothing about the most common building block of the universe in the sky.

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