Even Square Enix is ​​disappointed with Forspoken’s performance!

According to the Japanese publisher, which is preparing to change its CEO, the “medium-sized” game sales data came below the expected level.

Forspoken is developed by Luminous Productions. The game’s failure was already indicated by the fact that the studio switched to Square Enix, shortly after release. And then on the 3rd of February, a summary of the results in the report Forspoken was also among the subjects. Square Enix’s current president, Yosuke Matsuda (who has already tendered his resignation, and we previously reported on the designated successor) says press reviews of the open-world RPG have been difficult, but positives about some elements have encouraged the publisher to increase its development capacity.

However, in the most important factor, sales, Forspoken disappointed, which isn’t much of a surprise, since the performance of the version that hit stores after its announcement was also disappointing. Matsuda added that their small and medium-sized games also underperformed. They aren’t named, though we were curious as to what titles the Japanese publisher had in mind. (Of course, it is possible to set very high expectations for the game. If the product itself is good, it will get attention.)

Square Enix is ​​committed to improving Forspoken and releasing promised DLC packs for the game. That is why a patch was released the other day, which fixes bugs and provides more stable performance on PlayStation 5 and PC. Of course, Square Enix will approach this more directly after ending Luminous Productions, and we can also say that its own technology, Luminous Engine, won’t be in use for long either, because we’re seeing Unreal Engine 5 in more and more places.

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And then Square Enix continues its introduction to the blockchain and NFTs, as well as games based on it, for which we can hardly find words. Perhaps the Japanese publisher is a bit out of place.

source: WCCFTech

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