Coronavirus: Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland impose new restrictions

Coronavirus: Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland impose new restrictions

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  • in Wales Up to six people can meet in bars, cinemas and restaurants. A total of 30 people can attend indoor events and up to 50 people can attend outdoor events. A distance of 2 meters is required in public places and offices, and nightclubs are closed.
  • in scotland In large events, people are required to keep a distance of one meter from each other, indoor events can be attended by up to 100 people in a pavilion, 200 people in a seat, and five hundred people in the open air. From Monday, people living in up to three households may face a distance of one metre.
  • in Northern Ireland Restrictions are also introduced. Indoor permanent events will not be permitted from Monday. People who live in up to three households can gather, while pubs, bars, and restaurants can have up to six people in the company. The two-meter social distance rule will be applied in public places and offices.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has yet to announce further rules for EnglandBut he indicated that he would not hesitate to take action after Christmas due to the increasing number of Omicron coronavirus cases. The government may also decide to issue new voluntary guidelines on the restriction. The expert committee meeting on the coronavirus has not yet taken place because ministers are waiting for more information, but the Prime Minister’s Office has not ruled out the possibility of it happening on Monday. However, school closures have yet to be considered, not even in January.

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