Common words The largest European Union brown bear may have been shot during an illegal hunt in Romania

Common words The largest European Union brown bear may have been shot during an illegal hunt in Romania

The brown bear is a strictly protected animal species in the European Union and should only be shot in exceptional cases.

The European Union’s largest brown bear was supposed to have been shot in a protected area near Uzsdola in Zeclairland in March, during an illegally organized memorial hunt, environmental organization Green said in a statement on Wednesday. According to the organization, the hunting company Potos have applied to the Ministry of the Environment to obtain permission to shoot a young female, which often results in the destruction of farms in Uzdola.

However, with the permit obtained, the individual did not shoot the problem, but the largest male bear has been seen in the forests of Romania.

The 17-year-old metropolitan man, referred to as Arthur, was shot by Joseph Emmanuel, Prince of Liechtenstein, who lived in Austria and paid 7,000 euros for hunting and transporting the trophy. Environmental protection agent Green in Romania and VGT in Austria condemned the search for the trophy in a joint statement. As he wrote, the brown bear is a strictly protected animal species in the European Union, and should only be shot in exceptional cases where attempts to transport problem individuals have failed. This is why the European Commission has set aside a financial envelope for member states to compensate farmers who have been affected by the bears. Representatives of the Green Agent visited Uzsdola in late April, where they also visited locals who asked to relocate or shoot a restless bear. Stakeholders confirmed that a grieving mother caused damage to their farms, which have been roaming the village since fishing in March. The association also presented an evaluation paper for the Male Cup with Shot Capital. According to a document dated March 12th, the animal’s leatherette was 240 inches long and 190 inches wide, and it scored 593 points out of a maximum of 600 points. Speaking on news TV Digi24, Octavian Bercino, head of the Romanian Environmental Guard, explained that the case is under investigation as poaching is suspected. He added that experts should not confuse a mother with an apology with an alpha male.

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The Chief Guard made it possible that after conducting their own investigation, the case would be referred to the police.

Environment Minister Barna Tanksos told Digi24 news TV: The hunting company Ozsdola has requested approval to shoot three problem bears, and the ministry has allowed shooting one bear. The minister also promised to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. In Romania, the bear population grew dramatically after the Seollos government also banned bear hunting that dominated the population in 2016. Previously, the Ministry of Environment allowed shooting 400-450 bears per year, but even then, suspicions arose that hunting companies She was not shooting problematic individuals, but at male capital who could be sold as souvenirs. The Ministry of Environment estimated that the number of wild bears in the country could range between 6,450 and 7,200 in the spring of 2019. According to the 2018 action plan to conserve the bear population, the optimum number of individuals in the 69,000 km2 habitat of large carnivores in Romania would be 4,000 of An environmental, social and economic point of view. Environmental organizations strongly oppose the regulation of bear groups, who argue that the commercial interests of fishing companies are at the heart of regulatory demands.

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