Choice instead of burden - Szabolcs Vincze's Note

Choice instead of burden – Szabolcs Vincze’s Note


I remember we were waiting relatively quietly for the first group match against Russia at the European Championships in Sweden two years ago – for three reasons. First, we have never beaten the Russians in a global competition before. Second: We traveled to the continent with a young national team after veteran Gabor Anxen, Richard Bodeau and Matti Lekai stayed at home. Third: put our hands on our hearts, no one will think we will have a realistic chance of moving forward from our group of Danish, Icelandic, Hungarian and Russian teams.

With this, I just wanted to show how much the world has changed in two years, as we are now preparing for the opening match against the Dutch on Thursday in the European semi-finals, so that only a win is acceptable, and more progress than the group is expected to be. Getting into eight is the minimum goal set by the association.

Of course, the Hungarian national team has done a lot in the past two years to get such expectations. On the one hand, he overtook Russia in the aforementioned match and took first place in Malmo, then ranked fifth in the World Cup in Egypt last year, and finally won the European Cup in which he beat teams such as Spain and Croatia, who are both participants in the final match. from the last continental championship.

The optimism is that the framework is complete this time, we have survived the coronavirus pandemic well, we have a global figure in the figure of Bensey Panhedi, Roland Meckler is still on the gate, there are young players with outstanding abilities in the professional staff. A result like two years ago (9th place), this band was not only special, but it wouldn’t be good.

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However, this is not a burden, but an opportunity. There has never been a world men’s handball competition in Hungary before, from Péter Kovács to László Nagy, never awarded to a world class to play in front of twenty thousand Hungarian fans. The European Championship starting today and the arenas that have been built means not only that the current national team players and the fans will get this opportunity, but the same will be possible for the Hungarian handball players in the future.

So all they have to do now is enjoy the situation and take advantage of the opportunity that you know may not be given again in their career.

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