Check out the Exatlon Hungary racing!

Check out the Exatlon Hungary racing!

9: 4 The position, the challengers were so attracted, they would have given everything they had for victory. Will the success streak continue or will the heroes win a fight?

Two teams fight for Grand Prix and Glory on the circuit of Exatlon Hungary, where physical performance is important. Exatlon Hungary is a team competition, but in the final, the contestants are actually competing individually.

Age limit: regardless of the permissible age

February 8, 2021 10:45 PM

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Exatlon’s Chain Reaction Week has begun! Whoever wins the villa and who starts the race on Tuesday from -2 points will be revealed from the full broadcast! next one

Comes the second day of Chain Interaction Week, where the stakes are a special Caribbean Experience Program! Don’t miss Tuesday’s broadcast on Exatlon Hungary! next one

The Challenge riders sat down with their new teammate, Ferenc Vivienne, to share experiences and tactics to date. next one

According to Krisztián Somhegyi, the heroes made a very strong start: if their plan worked, they could deal a devastating blow to the challengers … More information

Ferenc Vivien’s Dorottya Buzás wants to catch up and be self-confident, and she feels she has every opportunity with the full support of the team. next one

Missed Broadcast: Morning of Champions was so cute, they received an exceptional wake-up call from Francie and Janka. next one

Missed Broadcast: In the evening, the challengers wanted to discover together why they are currently at a low point and how they can help each other. next one

Missing: Challengers have shared their experiences with Fifi with the heroes so far! next one

He missed the broadcast: Lilko told Danny about their engagement with Krisztián. Does the bird keep its promise? next one

According to two members of the core team, Ferenc Vivienne still has concerns, and they want to help him overcome them as much as possible. next one

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