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Charles Kamindu: A Kenyan athlete who makes millions running transportation businesses in the United States

Charles Kamindu: A Kenyan athlete who makes millions running transportation businesses in the United States

Charles Kamindu is among the Kenyans who have found favor in foreign countries and are running thriving businesses.

During an interview with KDTV, the retired athlete revealed that he started trucking in 2015 and earns up to Sh1.8 million annually.

He pointed out, “The expenses are large when running this business and lead to the erosion of profit, especially since I now have seven trucks. However, I have enough left over for my family and a vacation from time to time.”

He explained that the work allowed him to raise his family, create job opportunities, and live comfortably in the United States.

Trucks from Kamindos Logistics LLC in the United States


Charles Camindo

Narrating his journey, Kamindu revealed that it was not easy to start but with determination and hard work, he was able to sustain and expand his business.

The former athlete resides in Wisconsin and runs Kamindos Logistics LLC, which currently owns seven trucks. His trucks carry Kenyan flags.

Kamindo, originally from Ndudori in Nakuru County, started running at a young age. His talent was later discovered and he was sponsored to go to the United States in 1999.

While in the United States, Camindo continued running and participated in six races. He later obtained US citizenship and flew his family from Kenya.

After about 10 years of professional work, Kamindu ventured into other businesses including transportation business.

At that time, he bought a street truck for $10,000. Since he was not skilled at driving trucks at that time, he took some training and his life was never the same again.

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With this, he started transporting items across the country which slowly turned into a thriving business.

“I've seen trucks now, but at the moment the business environment here is deteriorating,” he said.

According to Kamindo, the most important aspect of the job is to have good, well-trained drivers to avoid inconvenience. He also revealed that he has an app to track his driver to monitor speed and distance travelled.

Kamindu explained that one of the main challenges was when the truck broke down, which could hamper the process of transporting goods. However, he pointed out that this requires an agile person to make quick decisions and ensure that the shipment reaches the destination on time.

Ultimately, the businessman encouraged Kenyans to go to the United States to work and pursue opportunities in their fields. He also stressed the importance of staying fit, adding that he still runs.

“I still run because I've always been a runner. I go to the gym and use the treadmill every day,” he said.

Charles Kamindu (left) among the leading group during the ING Georgia Marathon in March 2007


Paul Phillips

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