Catalog - Technical Sciences - Facebook launches direct customer service

Catalog – Technical Sciences – Facebook launches direct customer service

2021.12.13. 11:41

For the first time in its history, Meta, the parent company of the social networking site Facebook, is offering a direct user service to some of its users.

In the customer service chat, content producers active on social networking sites Meta, including Facebook and Instagram, are assisted by dedicated assistants to answer any questions, so far only in the United States.

Globally, a test will be launched in the Facebook app to request help in English for content producers who have been restricted from the social network by violating our Community Guidelines or who have been banned from their accounts due to suspicious activity. community giant according to contact The focus is on helping content producers who have been unlawfully excluded from their accounts regain control of their registration.

This is the first time Facebook has offered any kind of direct customer service, rather than passing any requests to moderators through algorithms.

In addition, content producers have one safety school They also provide a service called Facebook, which provides training on how to make Facebook and Instagram safe from harassment. Security is enhanced by moderation help Initiating a quiz, which automatically helps content producers post comments below their posts, such as allowing only posts to be submitted every ten seconds, only allowing accounts older than two weeks to post, or filtering out various forms of offensive terms, so also if a letter in an obscene word is replaced by a number or another letter.

Meta said they consulted with content vendors from 27 different countries while developing the new features, with the goal of making their platforms more secure and reducing harassment. The program is scheduled to be extended to more countries next year.

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