Catalog - Technical Sciences - Elon Musk's space capsule belongs to people traveling on Earth

Catalog – Technical Sciences – Elon Musk’s space capsule belongs to people traveling on Earth

Their space capsule has been separated from the International Space Station. And the private space company, Axiom Space, explained that their departure was postponed several times due to bad weather conditions in the area of ​​their expected arrival.

Docking has been completed. Ax-1 cabin crew begin their journey home

Axiom posted on Twitter.

The space capsule is scheduled to land in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida on Monday.

Team Members: Michael Lopez Allegria, SpainAmerican astronaut, American entrepreneur Larry Connor, A with Hungarian ancestors Eitan Stipe is an Israeli entrepreneur and former military pilot, as well as Canadian businessman Mark Bathy.

SpaceX, billionaire space company Elon Musk, launched the Crew Dragon space capsule from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on April 8, carrying three businessmen and a veteran astronaut, MTI writes.

The Ax-1 mission, a collaboration between Axiom Space, SpaceX and Houston-based NASA, is a milestone in commercial spaceflight: Although civilians have visited the space station multiple times, the latest Crew Dragon mission is the first of its kind. This is the nature in which a team of 4 scientific experiments conducted on the International Space Station.

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