Catalog - Tech-Science - Green Barbie comes with recycled plastic

Catalog – Tech-Science – Green Barbie comes with recycled plastic

2021.07.23. 21:01

Mattel is also restoring old plastic toys.

Transform into the green future with the new Barbie collection from Mattel. Barbie Loves the Ocean features 3 figures, toys and accessories made of 90 percent ocean-facing plastic.

The toy manufacturer, in partnership with 4Ocean, an ocean deplasticization organization, is marketing limited-edition bracelets made by Balinese artists from recycled plastic waste.

Mattel is also launching a take-back program to recycle old plastic toys.

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By 2030, the toy manufacturer wants to use 100 percent recycled or recyclable plastics in its products and packaging. In their green campaign, by the end of 2021, their packaging will be 95 percent recycled paper.

At Mattel, we help the next generation experience the wonders of childhood and achieve fulfillment. We take our responsibilities seriously and do our part to help children inherit a world full of opportunity.

said Richard Dixon, CEO of Mattel.


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