Catalog - Tech-Science - Elon Musk puts employees to work on weekends

Catalog – Tech-Science – Elon Musk puts employees to work on weekends

On Black Friday, Elon Musk sent a disturbed email to SpaceX employees asking them to work the weekend as well, due to a “crisis” in the production of Raptor rocket engines. With his electric cars as the founder of the revolutionary Tesla vehicle manufacturing and the world richer Musk, aka his human, says SpaceX is “at risk of real bankruptcy” if they cannot operate their Starship spacecraft, which will conduct several test flights next year.

The company tested several models of the spacecraft this year, many of them shaped like fireballs. The spacecraft is expected to make its first spaceflight in the early months of 2022. The development of the Starship is of particular interest because Muskets has $2.9 billion in funding Because they arrived from NASA, and it will be the lander for the Artemis program to land on the new moon by 2025.

Fallen veterans

Musk says they need to launch a Starship spacecraft every two weeks to keep the company afloat. The Starship is powered by a raptor powered by a mixture of liquid methane and oxygen. Earlier this month, several senior company-wide executives were forced to leave the company when it turned out that development of the Raptor engines was lagging behind. Will Helmsley, Direct Program Officer, Flew 12 Years Later, accompanied by Lee Rosen and Ricky Lim, leaders responsible for missions and launches,

With the jobs of SpaceX 8- and 13-year-olds behind them.

The Raptor engines are expected to be twice the thrust of the Merlin Kerlin-fueled engines used in the successful Falcon 9 launch vehicles. In the Starship, there will be 6 such rockets in the 6, use the Super Heavy to launch in the first stage.

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The company’s survival also depends on Starship and its engines because the Falcon 9 rockets can no longer be economically viable to launch the planned new generation of Starlink satellites from SpaceX. 1,800 first-generation pieces have been launched so far, but they want to designate a constellation of 12,000 second-generation capable of laser communication with each other orbiting the Earth. The establishment of the system is important because the production of surface antennas is accelerating, so now it all depends on whether a sufficient number of subscribers can be collected..

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