Demand has fallen so much that many Auchan stores no longer sell live fish

Demand has fallen so much that many Auchan stores no longer sell live fish
Tuesday, May 31, 2022, 11:00 AM

Many Auchan stores have stopped selling live fish, mostly live carp, recently. Although sales of live fish in some stores remained stable, due to reduced demand, the company’s management decided that most stores sell live fish only during the Christmas period.

In recent years, the demand for live fish has not been great, except for the Christmas period, so the company decided to focus its resources on areas where customer demand is strongest, the retail chain agrá reported. Thus, in many Auchan stores, the continuous sale of live fish – mostly live carp – was discontinued and only live fish were found in most stores during the December period.

However, in stores where live fish is still in demand, the supply of fish is wider to this day. In Budaörs, Törökbálint, or in some country shops, fresh produce, freshly packaged goods for fish farmers, and refrigerated and frozen product variants are also sold all year round.

However, official statistics show that the total domestic consumption of fish has increased recently. The Agricultural Marketing Center of the Department of Agriculture stated in its end of last year prospectus that – among other things, started in 2017, get it! As a result of the campaign, average annual fish consumption of 5.7 kg per capita rose to more than 6.5 kg over four years.

However, the fact remains that more than 80 percent of domestic fish consumption is imported. Domestic producers still sell about 40 percent of all annual table fish, and large fish producers can process up to 60 to 70 percent of their annual revenue.

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