Catalog - Tech-Science - Deadly Japanese algae threatens the Riviera

Catalog – Tech-Science – Deadly Japanese algae threatens the Riviera

Environmental experts have said that a species of algae native to Japan is threatening the Kalanck sites near Marseille in southern France. Seaweed, which can be toxic, has settled on the Mediterranean coast.

Green algae (ugulopteryx okamurae) are considered a health hazard because if they enter coastal rocks and then begin to decompose, they release hydrogen sulfide. This gas can be fatal in large quantities.

In recent weeks, it has been revealed that algae species have invaded the area of ​​the famous Kalanick National Park, with thousands of people visiting its far-reaching narrow bays surrounded by steep walls by thousands of people daily during the summer, a spokesperson for the park told French news agency AFP.

Algae species were also identified on the docks of Marseille ports and on the blue coast west of the city.

It spreads, covers everything, stinks and causes nausea

Said a resident of Marseille.

The moss They breed in shallow water, which is a serious problem for fishing vessels, which leads to clogging of their nets.

MTI reports that authorities in the area are pulling dense fields of underwater algae from the sea, but they don’t yet know what to do with the stinky plant that drowns out the stench.

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