British vaccine developer: The epidemic is unlikely to start again due to a new virus variant

In the UK, the alpha variant appeared shortly before Christmas last year, leading to a severe wave of epidemics. At that time, the first coronavirus vaccines were released.

The recently discovered omicron variant in South Africa combines characteristics of previous variants of concern and has 32 spike protein mutations.

Pollard noted that despite the mutations, vaccines prevented serious disease, while alpha, beta, gamma and delta variants swept the world.

The researcher indicated that he is confident that vaccines will be able to adapt to the new alternative in a short time.

Meanwhile, British Health Minister Sajid Javid said Omicron had been identified in two cases in Britain.

Kai Klose, Hesse’s Minister of Social Affairs, said a new alternative was also likely to emerge in Germany after a person returning from South Africa tested positive for coronavirus. He was fully vaccinated.

To prevent the spread of omicrons, many countries have suspended flights from the South African region and imposed other restrictions.

The Republic of South Africa claimed on Saturday that it had been penalized for the quick and timely discovery of the new variant thanks to advanced genome sequencing technology.

Excellence in science should be celebrated, not punished

The government wrote in a statement.

The World Health Organization on Friday identified a new version of the coronavirus as a cause for concern. According to the World Health Organization, preliminary evidence suggests that there is an increased risk of re-infection with this variant compared to other variants of concern as well. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has indicated that it is concerned that Omicron may significantly reduce the effectiveness of vaccines and increase the risk of re-infection.

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