Blokád has become the most watched movie on Netflix in Hungary

Blokád was added to the Netflix offering on March 22 and is currently the most watched movie in the streaming platform’s Hungarian offering – Announced by the National Film Institute.

The makers of Blokád pledged to deliver the two defining periods of the political career and personal life of the first freely elected prime minister, Josef Antal, through Hungary’s first major political and economic crisis after the change of regime. The historical background of Josef Antal’s life is embodied in the stifling atmosphere of Soviet repression and the events of the revolution in scenes of 1956, and the chaos in the streets and at meeting tables caused by taxi blockades in scenes of 1990.

The head of government, who is recovering from his operation, is thoughtful, but he is striving for democracy to the extreme. Through his memories, we learn about Joseph Antal’s youth, his work as a teacher in the fifties, and his role in the 1956 revolution.

The Siege premiered in Hungarian cinemas on October 20, 2022, and

It was among the ten most popular films for five weeks.

According to the data of the National Film Institute, the most watched Hungarian film drama has become, among the domestic productions, only the comedy made more people buy tickets.

The Hungarian state contributed one and a half billion forints to the work. Almost 58,000 people bought tickets for it, and it was shown in cinemas for 22 weeks.

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