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Bibliography – Science – Darwin’s newly discovered manuscript is a sensation in the world

Bibliography - Science - Darwin's newly discovered manuscript is a sensation in the world

Document produced for The Autoographic Mirror. His publisher, Hermann Kindt, printed replicas of famous people’s handwriting or signatures along with their biographies. The paper caused a sensation Darwin did not leave what he wrote, so few of his original manuscripts survive. The few documents found are often written simply: “C Darwin” or “Ch Darwin”. He is almost completely unnamed.

According to Professor John van Weehe, Director of the Scientific Collection for Darwin Online, the discovered and signed paper is therefore very special, and part of it Origin of species It was also included in its third edition – writes A.S BBC.

On paper, he contrasts the astonishing reception of his work with the surprising reception of Newton and Gravity. Nobody understood Newton’s theory either, but the calculations persisted in practice. he is writing

Who can explain what gravity is? Yet no one objects to following the results of this unknown attraction. However, Leibniz had previously accused Newton Mysterious properties and miracles He introduced me to philosophy.

He also described it as an argument that could not be raised against his work that does not reveal it life Essence or Origin – for six years a Origin of species After its first edition, Darwin was criticized for not putting forward a theory of life about its origin.

He accepted this, but simply did not consider it relevant to the study of the evolution of life on Earth.

The document is in impeccable condition, and the auction house expects to break the previous world record for a Darwin manuscript. Sotheby’s online Age of wonders The auction starts on Friday and ends on December 9th.

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