Batman is approaching a very important milestone in cinemas

Batman is approaching a very important milestone in cinemas

Director Robert Pattinson’s Batman has been a smash hit in theaters and is close to becoming one of the highest-grossing films.

The Batman It brought in more than $463 million for Warner Bros. kitchen. around the world since its first show.making it just an arm off the $500 million dream mark, a pretty significant milestone given the film had a total film budget of $200 million.

And at a time when movie theaters are trying to get back to their pre-coronavirus schedule, these numbers are a very dangerous milestone, especially when it comes to a superhero movie, Batman, one of the most famous characters in the capital.

Only four films have been made since the pandemic Spider-Man: There is no escape from home ($1.86 billion) 007 There is no time to die ($774 million) lethal speed 9. ($726 million) and poison ($502 million) – They crossed the bounds of a globally assured dream.

Although Hollywood has clearly returned to its previous filming sizes, pre-coronary virus levels have not been brought back to movie theaters. the audience loves Batmanand the latest Batman movie, brought the studio an additional $66.6 million over the weekend in the United States and the same amount in international cinemas.


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