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Balint Kobasz revealed his most cherished dreams and when he plans to retire

Balint Kobasz revealed his most cherished dreams and when he plans to retire

The 25-year-old athlete and Olympic, world and European champion told current channel M1 that he still had big goals until then.

“I have two main motivations. The first is to go under 3:20 minutes in the K-1 1000m, and that’s not going to be easy, in fact, it’s going to be particularly tough, since a strong tailwind is needed to make it happen. And very good form. The other is in team boat, say K-2500m, which is the most valuable record for men after the K-1 1000m, and the (Olympic) gold medal.”That would be a big dream,” said the kayaker from Gyori.

He said that the joint work with his mother and coach, Irene Demeter, is still great, and they will definitely work together until Paris, after which he will decide whether to continue his career.

“Now I plan to stop after the Paris Olympics,” he declared.

Regarding his plans for next year, Kobasz stated that he would like to participate in as many events and in as many competitions as possible, and at the World Championships qualifiers in Duisburg, he wants to win his main event, the individual 1000 metres, and follow up on his success with Pence Nadas in the 500 doubles. This year, the duo won the World Cup and the European Championship with the new old Olympic number.

Opening image: MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák

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