Austria issued a travel advisory against Tyrol

Austria issued a travel advisory against Tyrol

The Austrian government issued a travel warning to Tyrol on Monday, as the most contagious South African type of coronavirus was detected in 293 cases.

The Austrian government has warned people against unnecessary trips to the region and has asked those who have sought refuge in Tirol in the past two weeks to test themselves. The Cabinet also called on travelers to Tirol to also undergo a coronavirus test before departure.

Sebastian Curtis According to the Austrian chancellor, everything must be done to prevent the mutation from spreading.

Rudolf Anchober The Minister of Health repeatedly warned:

New viral variants pose great challenges for us, so massive action is required. The common goal is to ensure the health of the population and limit the spread of the virus.

Not long ago, Tyrol introduced a package of measures calling for restrictions on the movement of people and urging testing in the worst-affected areas. However, the federal government did not consider these measures sufficient and called for more comprehensive travel restrictions.

Andreas Berthler The Austrian virologist told the Austrian news agency APA during the day that nearly 300 people infected with the B.1.351 mutation have so far been identified in Tirol, while only nine such cases have been recorded in other provinces of the country.

To date, 424,896 cases of Coronavirus have been recorded in Austria, of which 8,032 died from the disease. Healing number 403302.

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