Australia considers complete confinement of cats

Not in the protection of cats, they are trying to protect wildlife from the claws of small predators.

The destruction of wild cats is a serious problem in Australia, where billions of domestic animals become prey to seemingly harmless predators every year. She stated that officials are considering making it mandatory to keep cats in the apartment RT news site.

“According to the latest statistics (pet cats), more than 180 domestic animals are killed every year, and that’s just one cat.” Dean Huxley, director of operations at Perth Jim Hospital, told ABC. Studies show that this number can be more than 740 for stray animals.

This means that about three million mammals, two million reptiles and one million marsupials fall victim to cats every day in Australia. In addition, clawed monsters are becoming more familiar with prey and hunt it down more effectively, while the hiding places of local species are diminishing due to human activity.

Strict restrictions have been put in place across Australia to avoid destruction, there are cities where you will be fined for not keeping your pet inside your property, and in other places it is forbidden to let a cat out of the house between 8pm and 7am. Canberra and Fremantle plan to make boarding mandatory from mid-2022, and if the proposal passes, it could be a standard for other cities as well.

“I think cats, like dogs, will soon be living indoors, and the next generation will look back and say, ‘Guys, did you let cats roam Australia for so many years and eat our wildlife?’” “ Counsellor Adin Lang said. He added that farmers could build outdoor viewing platforms to provide fresh air for their pets.

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Pamela Lanigan, a spokeswoman for Cats United WA, a group that represents breeders and owners, agreed with the restrictions, but added that most of the damage was not caused by pets but by the millions of feral feral cats. For them, a so-called trap neutering program can be a solution, the cost of which will be financed by the registration fee paid by the cat owners.

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