According to the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, it is difficult to explain the coercive intention that those who did not sign the service contract would only get paid for a period of 1-3 months as an end-of-service bonus.

End of service benefits are only paid for 1 to 3 months for a About 5,500 health professionalsThose who did not sign the contract to work in the health services, although they would have received a much larger sum as a government employee, he points out. In her communications Hungarian Helsinki Committee. they write:

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee and the Liberties Association (HCLU) in cooperation with the Hungarian Medical Chamber (MOK) provide assistance to those involved.

In the opinion of the Helsinki Committee, the legislature violated the constitutional rights of those involved by organizing termination compensation in an unfair and discriminatory manner when drafting the Legal Relationships Act for Health Services.

Health care workers have been doing their responsible work for decades, knowing that they will be entitled to receive an end-of-service bonus if their employment is terminated in accordance with a 2018 Constitutional Court decision. Anyone is also entitled to a fundamental right if the law guarantees someone that they will receive Property in the future under certain conditions, they argue. The European Court of Human Rights also recognizes that withdrawing a legitimate expectation may violate property rights. The law also violates the prohibition of discrimination, according to human rights defenders. After 25 years of work, a civil servant receives an eight-month end-of-service bonus and a defense employee a nine-month end-of-service bonus, but a 25-year-old healthcare worker, if he does not enter into a new medical relationship, gets an end of service bonus equivalent to Three months’ salary.

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Advocates say all of this is difficult to explain, other than coercive punitive intent.

A person whose work as a government employee has been terminated due to refusal to sign a contract of employment in the health service may, within 180 days of the law’s entry into force, that is, until May 17, 2021, request the Constitutional Court to cancel the transitional measure. Rules for end-of-service benefits. For this purpose, the Helsinki Committee and HCLU in cooperation with the Hungarian Medical Chamber Typical constitutional complaint, And the A guide to facilitate application made.

5,500 health workers did not sign their new contract

In smaller city hospitals, redeployment will provide the right conditions. In Tatapania, there was no night shift in the emergency department at night, and only two of the three departments of internal medicine at Ferenc Gahn Hospital were left in operation, the latter being later refuted by the institution.

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