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The government is also sending new ambassadors to Argentina, Bulgaria, Chile, the United Arab Emirates and Portugal. They are all old diplomats, for example Edit Bucsi-Szabó, who surprised Gabor Caleta with the police in 2019 and brought him home from Peru, is being flown to Chile from neighboring Argentina.

Five new ambassadors were appointed with the support of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee at its closed meeting on February 27 (also today, March 6, by the European Affairs Committee), on the proposal of the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter. Szijjártó, there will soon be a change of ambassadorial positions from Argentina to Chile to Portugal – discover hvg.hu. The five countries affected by change and the new ambassadors of the future:

  • Argentina, Buenos Aires – Peter Kvik
  • Bulgaria, Sofia – Miklos Poros
  • Chile, Santiago – edited by Bucsi-Szabó
  • United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi – Laurent Endrevy
  • Portugal, Lisbon – Fabián Emília

None of them are new to the world of diplomacy. For example, Peter Kvik, who is preparing to go to Argentina, was previously the Ambassador of Hungary to Egypt and Director General of the Middle East and North Africa Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Miklós Boros, who will operate the station in Sofia, was already the OSCE Ambassador in Vienna during his career in foreign affairs, which began in 1986, and headed the Hungarian foreign missions in Bratislava and Prague, but he was also a foreign policy advisor in the Office of the Head of State Laszlo Solium.

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The aforementioned Kveck will replace Edit Bucsi-Szabó in Argentina, who will be transferred to neighboring Chile. He also led embassies in Spain and Ecuador, for example, but his name may also be familiar from the fact that he was sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to neighboring Peru in March 2019 to join the two police officers who arrived from Budapest and help pack the Peruvian ambassador Gabor Caleta, who He was immediately sent home, and then also caught up in a pedophile scandal.

Lorand Endreffe, who was sent as ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, has been working in foreign affairs for 15 years and was previously ambassador to Colombia. Fabian Emilia, who will soon take over the leadership position at the Hungarian Embassy in Lisbon, if not an ambassador, but previously served in an administrative position at the Hungarian embassies in Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur, and currently runs a department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

(In our editorial photo, the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Budapest, with unique decorative lighting)


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