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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chris Hemsworth kneaded together in Brazil

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chris Hemsworth kneaded together in Brazil

dangerous testosterone-Bromance is emerging.

It was recently held in São Paulo by Netflix I know The event where the streaming giant announced its upcoming new products in the coming months, naturally in the company of some of the biggest names.

Among other things, Netflix appeared at the event Business content manager Given, 75-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger and action movie franchise from the old-school gladiator-rocker wrestler, Tyler Rake: Escape Starring Chris Hemsworth.

Did they run into each other?!

Because they both love him with bodybuildersIt’s no surprise that they didn’t miss training in Brazil either:

Hemsworth was right there: Seven-time Mr. Olympia winner and five-time Mr. Universe award winner Arnold are probably the world’s greatest bodybuilding legend, so it’s all Gym Bro The joint course with him is a big problem for him.

“First we let ourselves loose, and then the Brazilian public.”

Written by Schwarzenegger on his Instagram under the shared photo. Of course, Hemsworth also shared the photo, which has already been loved by nearly three million people, and the enthusiasm hasn’t stopped:

“You never know who you’ll run into in the gym! What a dream it is to be training with the only Schwarzenegger.”

Even in his seventies, Arnold, who is still in great shape and is very much a vegetarian, didn’t skimp on praise either: “Look how messed up you are. Your delts. Your triceps.” The former bodybuilding legend commented on his colleague’s physique.

So it looks like a promising friendship is emerging, and hopefully, one day we’ll get to see the two faces working together. Anyway, Netflix has put together a funny video joint:

If you are going to join Hemsworth Training:

National League for Democracy (NLD)

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