Another mysterious UFO shot was leaked

Another mysterious UFO shot was leaked

In recent months, the US Navy has recorded more and more registrations of alleged foreigners, and Repost Based on the Daily Star.

Jeremy Corbel, an investigative filmmaker, appeared again with a UFO shot! He is the director who leaked footage owned by the US Navy on several occasions.

This time, freehand shot was fired again. USS Omaha in 2019 captured moments when the An unknown flying object moved towards them at a tremendous speed, then began to descend slowly towards the ocean, then disappeared into the depth.

According to the information, no debris was found in that part of the ocean, and even the vehicle has not been found yet. A submarine was also said to have been deployed to search for UFOs, but this attempt also failed.

Jeremy says the Navy may know more about UFOs, and the latest footage proves he believes Not only in the air but also in the water they can move.

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