An indication - abroad - if necessary, the United States will protect Japan with nuclear weapons

An indication – abroad – if necessary, the United States will protect Japan with nuclear weapons

The United States renewed its security guarantees to Japan. This includes deploying nuclear weapons if needed, according to a joint statement issued by US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Suga Josehead after a meeting in Washington on Friday.

According to the document, the US security guarantee also covers the Senkaku Islands (Chinese: Tiyogo) in the East China Sea, which are owned by China but under Japanese rule.

The United States if needed

It will fulfill its commitment to defend Japan in all its capabilities, including its nuclear capabilities, without hesitation

– The countries in the statement. The US government condemns any unilateral action aimed at undermining Japan’s control of the Senkaku Islands.

Chinese ships have recently appeared around the disputed islands several times, causing further friction between the two countries. With its US nuclear arsenal, it is considered the defensive power of Japan. Thousands of American soldiers are stationed in the island nation.

In the joint statement, Japan and the United States highlighted the safety of shipping in the India and Pacific regions according to international law, particularly in eastern China and the South China Sea, as Beijing’s leadership is trying to impose territorial claims. The two allies also stressed the importance of peace and security in the Taiwan Strait. China has Taiwan as its own territory.

The Japanese prime minister was the first foreign leader the US president received on an official visit since he took office. Experts say the move also shows that Washington is placing Japan at the center of its efforts to curb Beijing’s growing influence.

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