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An important thing was dropped by Nicola

American garbage truck company, Republic Services, ordered an electric trash bin with 2,500 batteries capacity from Nikola in August, and an additional 2,500 vehicles could have been made available as an option on order. In August, also reported that Nikola’s shares have skyrocketed on the stock exchange.

Recently, however, Nicola announced that there would be nothing outside of the deal. According to the justification, the two companies reviewed their plans and concluded that the delivery of the vehicles would take much longer than originally planned and that the costs would be very high. Mark Russell, CEO of Nicola, said it was the right decision for both parties, but Nicola continues to work on developing environmentally friendly commercial vehicles.

It was a difficult year for Nicola

As is known, the year 2020 for Nicolas was largely determined by the scandal that broke out in the fall. It turns out the company was tampering with a video that in principle showed a hydrogen cell electric truck in motion. In fact, Nicola Wan rolled down a cliff in the shot.

The scandal left the company’s founder, Trevor Milton, and Nicola in big trouble, and Bosch and General Motors also revised their agreements with the company. In the end, although none of the large companies backed away from Nikola, the terms of cooperation were changed.

In 2021, a new model may come

Nikola is set to unveil a truck bearing the Tre name in the US this year, according to reports.

The Nikola Tree is a battery-powered electric truck, and a hydrogen cell version could start production in 2023. However, in 2021, the first commercially available hydrogen filling station may be introduced in Nicola.

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