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An exceptional site for vertebrates, Iharkut

An exceptional site for vertebrates, Iharkut

The Galactic Dinosaur Foundation regularly creates opportunities for the general public to glimpse the progress of the Iharkút excavation. The main objective of the program series is to spread knowledge and obtain information from reliable sources. We can get a glimpse into the nature of fossils, how local paleontological research works, and we can even learn about the most interesting scientific innovations and discoveries of recent years. – brought to the attention of Gergely Ancsin and Dr. Patrícia Pósa on the website of the Balaton-felvidék National Park.

The research group’s work is assisted by several volunteers during individual excavations. The goal is to study and reconstruct as accurately as possible the world that existed 85 million years ago, where the baconi dinosaurs also lived. With painstaking work, they go layer by layer, square meter by square meter, “hammering” the rock, examining each piece, then the fossil remains that have been found are cleaned up, their find site measured with geodetic precision, then bagged and subjected to further testing in the laboratory (what Are the species that may be how to locate the remains in relation to each other…).

So far, not only dinosaur tracks have been found at the site, but also plants, snails, and even other vertebrates.

Iharkút – Excavation site.Source:[938998]/3/

To date, more than 40 vertebrates have been found (dinosaurs, flying reptiles, freshwater mosasaurs, crocodiles, and various fish). Today, it has become one of the most important and intensively studied Late Cretaceous prehistoric vertebrate sites in Europe.

Participants supported Bakony’s dinosaur research by purchasing event tickets and purchasing posters, books, magnets, and badges.

(Source: Balaton Vlvediki National Park:

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