Helyreállítást előkészítő munkálatokat végeznek a párizsi Notre-Dame székesegyházon 2019. október 15-én. A gótikus katedrális huszártornya és gerendázata megsemmisült az április 15-i tűzvészben. Szakemberek szerint a helyreállítás mintegy öt évet vesz majd igénybe.

An ancient sarcophagus was found under the pictures of Notre Dame

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient lead sarcophagus beneath Notre Dame Cathedral. After the 2019 fire, the building is still under renovation. Excavation ordered as a precaution before restoration of the 100 meter high timber roof ledge at Notre Dame – quotes CNN News Travelo.

“The floor of the cruise ship has revealed remarkable remains of scientific grade,” said French Culture Minister Roslyn Bachelot, adding that excavations have been extended until March 25. The Ministry of Culture said the excavation site is under a stone layer dating back to the 18th century, but some of the deeper levels date back to the 14th century and some date from the early 13th century.

Archaeologists say the lead sarcophagus may have belonged to a high-ranking person in the 14th century. During the excavation, a pit was dug just below the cathedral floor, which was probably built around 1230, when Notre Dame was also built.

Editorial photo: MTI/EPA/Christophe Petit Tesson

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