Amazfit T-Rex 2 – It doesn’t hurt

The Amazfit model designed for outdoor sports has grown and become smarter, but it still does not match the best, and at the same time much cheaper than them.


Although smart watches in the past mainly approached the topic from two directions, now these two directions are somewhat blurred. Manufacturers from the world of technology (Apple, Samsung, Huawei) mainly focused on modern appearance, multiple functions, and user-friendly interface, while sports models (Garmin, Polar, Suntoo) mainly focused on more professional activity tracking and exercise monitoring. Modern technical watches have already learned to become more efficient in sports, and sports watches are becoming more intelligent and refined in terms of ease of use and versatility.


At the intersection of the two worlds, the Amazfit T-Rex 2 is trying to win over customers with its indestructible image, ultra-long runtime, motion tracking that promises a lot on paper and its stunning looks. At 75,000 HUF (for example), the in mStore), which, by the way, is not much compared to the list of specifications, but if the watch shows that it is very sporty, the expectations are also high in terms of accuracy and the possibility of analyzing data, while Amazfit focuses less on being part of all kinds of ecosystems, which could raise some initial skepticism.


However, I was still interested in the 66.5-gram body of the second-generation T-Rex, which is a few grams heavier than its predecessor, and feels more Bomford-like, because its height of 13.65 mm is slightly more than that of the previous model, i.e. masculine class, you can’t call it a tool Unremarkable. The silicone strap can be adjusted within a wide range and is a sturdy and durable piece. Its width of 22 mm is standard, but its interchangeability is not: you need a separate small screwdriver to replace it with other straps from the Amazfit or Aliexpress store.

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