Agnes Keletti is 100 years old - "I live, I live well, I love to live"

Agnes Keletti is 100 years old – “I live, I live well, I love to live”

At a party marking his birthday, a journalist asked a question, This is the anniversary of himself when he was 60 years old. “I live, I live well, I love to live. Health is the point. Christmas is not important at all, just a good life,” said Agnes Keletti cheerfully.

“Just have fun” – wanted the athlete on the occasion of his birthday, who by Catalin Ullah directed an all-night documentary entitled “Who Beat the Time – Agnes Keletti” with support from the National Hungarian Film Fund

Agnes Keletti is the Hungarian athlete with the most Olympic medals (ten), and she is not only the oldest living Olympic champion, but also the oldest five-ring medalist.

Estjpest Gymnastics Federation announced on Wednesday that it will call its recently renovated gymnasium a five-time Olympic champion. And in Israel, where he settled after the Melbourne Olympics, the tournament is named after him.

Victor Urban also received him

In a video posted on Facebook, the Prime Minister said, “We Hungarians believe that fate has taken us the hard way. Hungary is a wonderful, but difficult place: it is surrounded by empires, and we have always had to fight for our lives, our freedom and our independence.”

“It’s not just a difficult way for us. Kind God has sent – and has sent us in the past – great heroes as role models for us, pulled us out of the hardships of everyday life. They set an example of perseverance, determination, great performance and even patriotism. He said that the heroes who played the national anthem many times. In their honor and standing on top of the podium they could see the Hungarian flag soaring upward.

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He added that we received such a hero today on his 100th birthday. God forbid and keep Agnes Keletti, the five-time Olympic champion of Hungary and the nation’s athlete, in strength and good health for a long time to come! Victor Urban expressed his best wishes.

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