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After 2030, Nissan will only sell electric cars

After 2030, Nissan will only sell electric cars

When we talk about electric cars, internal combustion engines are often included in this scope of interpretation. So, of course, it is much easier for some car manufacturers to talk about amazing production numbers, but the true measures of the electric transition can only be pure electric cars.

Several car manufacturers have already set a target date for switching to fully electric vehicles, mostly in Europe. Here, the main goal was that by the end of the decade some engines would be discontinued and only electric cars would be dealt with. In such cases, the above question arises as to what the manufacturer means “on an electric car”. The Japanese are particularly good at this clever pun: Honda, for example, considers mild hybrids to be electric cars, which we know is a long way from being a pure electric car.

At the end of 2021, Nissan also announced that it would move to electronic models in Europe and key markets. This was it ambitious project 2030, that Nissan planned to spend $17.6 billion. With the help of the funds, the ambitious goal of raising the share of electric models in new sales to fifty percent by 2030 should be achieved. This is 23″An exciting new electric model“, the manufacturer wants to achieve 15 purely electric models. According to Nissan’s calculations at the time, by 2026 it could operate with 75 percent electric models in Europe.

Last Their press materials According to the manufacturer, the quota has been raised, since it concerns specifically the introduction of purely electric models (BEV – battery electric vehicle) in Europe, for which there is also a target date: 2030. As of this year, Nissan will no longer sell a With an internal combustion engine in Europe as well.

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“A pure electric vehicle is the ideal solution for mobility. More than a million of our customers have already joined this philosophy and experienced the joy of Nissan electric vehicles. Electric vehicles powered by renewable energy sources are fundamental to achieving carbon neutrality, which is central to our ambitious 2030 vision. “Nissan will go fully electric in Europe by 2030 – and we believe this is the right move for our business, our customers and the planet.” – Makoto Uchida, President and CEO of Nissan.

Two new electric Nissan cars will soon arrive on our continent. A new yet-to-be-announced electric crossover that Nissan will build in Sunderland, England, and an all-electric successor to the Micra that will reportedly share powertrain technology with the upcoming Renault 5 electric car.

In the case of the Micra, we were able to find out the information available at the link above, but it was published by Nissan Another press release Also, in which one Concept 20-23 We can read about a car named Possibly the shape of the Micra electric car is already present in the image of this car, although the shared image is strongly of a racing car.

Another important element of the 20-23 model is that it is not a study designed in Japan or by Nissan International, but rather a design by London-based Nissan Design Europe (NDE). The Japanese are investing more than €40 million (of which €26 million will go to electrification) to upgrade the NDE and nearby Nissan Technical Center Europe (NTCE) sites. So Nissan wants to continue offering specifically designed and technically adapted cars in Europe – not just global models like the Ariya.

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