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A place that is an essential part of Nagytétény: Sekrestyés Restaurant and Patisserie

A place that is an essential part of Nagytétény: Sekrestyés Restaurant and Patisserie

In Nagytétény, Szabadság utca 1, Templom tér, Sekrestyés Étterem és Cukrászda has been the famous catering unit of the settlement for over 100 years. There was a visitor to the skresti, and it was also called Rozsdás Kakas Restaurant. After several ownership changes, Matthias Decani and his team have run the place for 3 years, taking the pace dictated by the 21st century. We spoke to the restaurant's owner, Matthias Decani.

Sekrestyés Restaurant and Patisserie plays an essential role in the life of Nagytétény. Thanks to the proximity of the church, participants in baptisms and funeral masses often continue the conversation in the restaurant accompanied by delicious snacks. The building accompanied the history of the settlement in the twentieth century. Since the beginning of the century, the Janos Skoletz Inn has been a favorite entertainment venue for village workers and a scene of cultural and political events. After 1945, it operated under different names and standards: bistro, snack bar, buffet, liquor store, Sekrestyés Restaurant and Betérő a Sekrestyeş to receive guests.

“In the 1970s, black coffee was made with a press machine that was already a sensation,” local historian István Dinde wrote about the place in his publication Történetet Nagytétény múltjajól. Rozsdás Kakas restaurant was opened in the summer of 2014 and carried this name until 2020.

When did you take over running the restaurant?

At the end of 2020, I had previously worked in an event organization company, and then I also gained experience in catering, as there was a wine bar here in Nagytétény, which was run by my grandparents, and I took over its operation. 3 years ago, I had the opportunity to manage the restaurant Rozsdás Kakas, to which we renamed Sekrestyés, which the locals simply called Seko or Seki. Our regular guests still refer to him as Seki today. I was born here in the area, and live a few blocks from the restaurant. With my partner
We did the operation together, and the neighborhood people evaluated it very favorably because we adopted the old name of the restaurant. At the time of the Coronavirus outbreak, we were only working with a delivery service, and in practice we could receive guests from May 2021, when we expanded our team. We are pleased to have hired a former chef who worked from 1998-2002
I worked here between In the past, people from the inner-city area of ​​the capital would also come to the restaurant, because the garden space was always considered attractive, as it is very cold in the courtyard during a heatwave. In December, a retired couple from Angelfold came to us and after their visit they sent us a postcard saying how wonderful it was that this old place was still running. They also went here as a young couple, and it was one of their favorite restaurants.

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What distinguishes a restaurant's profile?

We have focused a lot on transportation, which is in high demand in the area, given the large elderly population. We try to be as environmentally conscious as possible, which is why we use reusable steel boxes from the Raccoon community, which are favored by our clinics. Our menu costs 1,700 HUF, which we calculated to be very affordable. In the summer, we cook for a very large number of children's camps, the participants of the football camp in Titini also eat with us, the parish also holds camps, and we also deliver food to many institutions if there is a need. On average, we prepare a menu for about 60-80 people, and sometimes we organize events for up to 200 people. We have also joined initiatives, such as cleaning the banks of the Danube, or bringing delicious snacks to volunteers when collecting rubbish. We also have many events. After church events, we also organize many christening or dying cakes and small wedding receptions. Last summer, we had a wedding for 80 people in our garden. We also attend region events, where we offer catering services, for example at Szelmann Ház, the Nagytétény cooking competition or Region Day, where we have a buffet, but this year we also offered a New Year's Eve menu at Klauzál Ház.

How many employees do they work with in total?

Our crew consists of 10 people. Besides the restaurant, we also have a dessert table, since there is no dessert shop in the area, so we thought of offering delicious cookies to our guests. We have several types of selection, and our customers' consistent favorites are our punching bars and representative arbor. We make most of our cakes from Szoboszlai Patisserie, Halásztelek. László Szoboszlai is also a professor who, together with his wife, prepares delicious homemade cakes. We also sell ice cream in the summer.

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What is the specialty of the place?

Our guests really love the Sekrestyés rib, which is actually stuffing the pork with sheep curd, a little cheese, and bacon, taking it out and serving it with a side dish.

In the region, fried food is the favourite, i.e. traditional cuisine. Our multi-person bowls are also in great demand and success. We try to cook home-cooked food as much as possible, which is something we appreciate a lot here in Titiney. We are a particularly rustic restaurant with our checkered tablecloths.

To what extent has the image of the place changed?

Partially minor adjustments were made, but were mainly classified as wrinkle closure. We have made minor changes to the equipment. There was a show kitchen here, which exuded a very homely, yet passive, atmosphere
The result was that the guests' clothes quickly absorbed the smell of the food, which was not liked by many. Since the kitchen's exhaust system wasn't perfect, the smell of the kitchen got into the guest room as well. We got rid of this via the kitchen wall.

This is the biggest change, we updated the space and brightened it up with paint. Our guests really love the local history pictures on the wall. We recently celebrated the birthday of our 95 year old aunt, who recognized her grandfather in front of the former local inn. The surprise and joy on the part of the family was enormous.

What are your future plans?

We are trying to improve our kitchen with new machines and tools the best we can. Good food preparation assumes that. We also want to spruce up our guest room, especially the garden room. Our goal is
So that as many people as possible can get to know us and enjoy coming here. Fortunately, we are always receiving more and more positive comments, which confirms that we are on the right track.

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Are they open for dinner?

Our experience so far is that lunch is a priority for locals, so we also focus on this on weekdays, and our opening hours adapt to that. We are also open for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays. Since we start early in the morning due to management, and the overhead costs are high, we can currently manage this process well. We have announced dinners, and now we also prepare veal, Viennese schnitzel and nail soup, which our guests really love. We also regularly hold a heck day, where we bake the heck in a special hot coat, which is why heck is also a favorite among our guests.

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