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107 teachers claim fall semester and truth from SZFE leadership

107 teachers claim fall semester and truth from SZFE leadership


Coronavirus and its control. The situation at home and in the world.


107 teachers signed a statement demanding that the new leaders of the University of Theater and Film Arts (SZFE) recognize teachers’ performance in the fall and pay their salaries at the end of January. They also insist on closing the fall semester as the fall semester.

At the end of November, Attilla Vidnyánszky’s Board of Trustees was one Citing a government decision issued shortly before Suspension of education at the university occupied by students. Meanwhile, the semester has been canceled, so education can only start again on February 1st.

At the same time, the coaches are still in dispute over the legality of this, because online attendance and education along with custom papers writing take place in the fall semester of the school year, and the exam period also lasts until the end of January. So the following announcement was released on Monday:

We, SZFE teachers, insist on the truth: attendance and education took place online in the fall semester of the school year, and the probationary period runs until the end of January. We witness student performance with attendance papers, exam papers and exam assignments recorded on the records.

We, the SZFE teachers, insist that the lecturers’ performance be recognized and their salaries equalized at the end of January. We insist on closing the fall semester as a fall semester.

There should be no management manipulation in the Neptune System that nullifies the fall semester without credit and opens the spring with thirty credits. This plan, which can only be interpreted as a punishment, does not take into account the Capital Court’s decision 105.K.708.006 / 2020/3. On December 18th, which clearly orders full suspensive effect of the November 27 Board of Trustees decision to ban education. The board of trustees’ repeated decision on December 22 does not take reality into account. The General Court ordered immediate legal protection for students.

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And we SZFE teachers demand immediate legal protection of the truth! Do not be subject to any manipulation that contradicts the real facts!

45 managers (out of forty-nine) sent a decision to the new leadership, declaring that they would not accept the disappearance of the fall semester – we would not receive a response for a week. The information flyer sent to the students, and the press releases, does not mitigate our fears at all. Some teachers regained access to Neptun yesterday without warning, but also are unable to record exam results, and some are still unable to access.

One hundred and seven teachers teach in the fall semester.

Tamas Almasi
Ari Zosofi
Laszlo Urfa
Laszlo Bagossi
Gabor Balaz
Tamas Baniye
Gyorgy Baron
Perrick’s Pia
Ildiko Boldiesar
Kato cassata
Melinda Simi
Giula Cirebs
Tibor sismadia
Darjay Marcel
Andras Dis
Dink Victoria
Attila Erdeli
Monica Esztan
Four Anna
Adam Adam
Show me your deceit
Gabor Firenze
Peter Forjask
László F. Földényi
Fox Livia
Andrea Flatar
Gyorgy Gabor
Eszter Gal
Garay Judit
Gábor Gelencsér
Jigor Attila
Gimesi Dóra
Golden Daniel
Zoltán Grecsó
Zsuzsanna Grósz
Gabor Geumboulay
Zolt Gyory
Szabolks Hajdu
Geza D.
Carolee Hoover
Barnabas Horkay
Kasaba Horvat
Tamas Hatla
Magdulna Jacqualfi
Janch Attila
Aimee Carman
Peter Carpati
Gyorgy Karsay
Janus Kennedy
Attila Kekisi
Kiss Csaba
Eva kiss
Tamas Colani
Peter Colossi
Gabor M. Coltai
Robert Cutrocho
Kovacs D. Danielle
Szilvia’s Louvre
Zigmond Lazar
Rica Limene
Mark Evan
Krisztina Máté
Áron Mátyássy
Joseph Melili
Zoltan Nagy
Gabor Nemeth
Newborn Julia
Esther Novak
Giorgi Balfi
Szabolux Palve
Marta Bab
Pasteur Veronica
Chapa Bulgar
Boruji Durka
Rapa Roland
Judit Radek
Raghu Annette
Peter Rego
Robert Julia
Agnes Rove Kiss
Eva Scholes
Shweshtji Mihaly
Mermaid at dawn
Gyorgy Selmitzi
Standeisky Eva
Laurent Store
Evan Szabo
Monica Szabo
Kriszta Székely
Szilágyi Pallint
Matte Sizzord
Barnabás Szöllősi
Zsófia Tallér
Mark Tarnocki
Istvan Tasnadi
Gaspar Terry
Peter Toth
Turcsány Villő
Laszlo Obor
Zsuzsi Várady
Anico Varga
Eszter Wierdl
Mark Zalan
Tamas Zane
Edit your costume
Dorotia Zarbo
Sándor Zsótér ”

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