Jacinda Ardern won a confident victory.

“Elections should not be divisive,” New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said in her confident victory speech in the elections postponed from September to October.

It was no small part of Ardern’s victory that New Zealand’s prime minister was able to deal effectively with the coronavirus pandemic. In the island nation, 25 people have died from the infection, with only 2-4 new cases recorded per day.

The prime minister said the new mandate would provide an opportunity to accelerate the country’s economic recovery.

Gathering 95 per cent of the vote, the ruling liberal left-wing Labor Party won an outright majority in New Zealand’s parliamentary elections on Saturday. The Ardern-led party won 49 percent of the vote, which is calculated as enough for 64 parliamentary seats out of 120 members of the unicameral parliament.

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Labour’s top rival, the National Conservative Party, which ruled the island nation from 2008 to 2017, scored 27 percent.

Since the introduction of the proportional electoral system in New Zealand in 1996, no single party has succeeded in obtaining an absolute majority in Parliament.

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