Women's water polo game: UVSE champion for the sixth time in a row

Women’s water polo game: UVSE champion for the sixth time in a row

UVSE defeated Dunaújváros 7-2 in the third game of the women’s water polo final, thus winning the tournament for the sixth consecutive time.


Protection of the right of property or take off the throne? That was the problem before the crucial third game of the Women’s Leading Championship final, but in the match itself for only about a few minutes, because what happened in the pool was what the UVSE champions wanted.

Everyone stands wherever needed

Yufang goalkeeper Edina Jungle:
“I don’t know when was the last time I only scored two goals, but that’s not only a merit, but the team as well. We had eight or ten blocks, everyone was standing where they needed to, so it was a lot easier for me too. So far we’ve only dealt With the tournament final, from Monday we can prepare for the four finals in the Euroleague.”

Krisztina Garda, passing by Dunaújváros:
“Our offensive game was very rebounding. In defense, even with us closing back, you can still win the game with seven goals scored, but not two, which is very little. Unfortunately we didn’t play well this time, UVSE deserved to win the championship in this match” .

The most important encounter in the duel was the smoothest, with Márton Benczur’s side coming in with an astonishingly tough and resolute defense, and Dunaújváros already struggling to get close to the opponent’s goal at all. And when the gate was targeted, it wasn’t hit or Idina Jungle was the stop.

His top spot, Parks Rebecca, started the match with UVSE 3-0 without injury and continued to dominate the match. Gerda Berezovsky was cosmeticized at the end of the first quarter, but the big surprise remained the only target of the Donaujvaros people until the big break. The lineup of the national team was very inaccurate, this time no one grew up next to Kristina Garda, who was not only brilliant in the previous two matches, but also did not play the game.

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In the third stage, after 5-2, the hope of catching up in front of the away team brightened, but Dorotia Szilagyi’s shot from human supremacy jumped, touching the two goalposts as well, defending the five-meter Jungle with an efficiency of 89 percent. In the end, UVSE then made the mistake, attempting to catch fell on his ashes. In addition, by that time, Garda and Greta Gorissati were already on the bench, the first and the last scored injured, so the hole looked deeper and deeper, although the team’s defense was basically not bad. However, UVSE outperformed its opponent in every field, in the last minute, 7-2, Marton Pinchor playfully took off his shoes, socks and accessories not suitable for chlorinated water, because he knew this was going to be a bathroom. The end result is 7-2 – the number of goals scored speaks for itself. Thus UVSE won its sixth championship title in the series, in honor of Tibor Benedek’s memory.

Women’s Water Polo OB I
Final match 3
UVSE-HUNGUEST HOTEL – DUNAÚJVÁROS-MAARSK University Graphics 7-2 (3–1, 1–0, 2–1, 1–0)
Pool of boats, behind closed gates. Fifth:
Farconi, Marjay
UVSE: Jungle – Antal D, Kyzthely-Nage 2, Szx G1, Rybanska 1, Faraji K2, Paxa V. exchange: Kakas (goalkeeper), Pereztegi-Nagy, Segede, Telic, David C1, Forgax, Obeli. Fitness Trainer: Martin Pinscher
Danube City: MAGYARI A. – Gurisatti, Szilágyi D. 1, Ziegler, Mahieu, Garda, Horváth B. exchange: Brezovszki 1, Mucsy, Szellák, Pál R. Fitness Trainer: Attila Mihawk
Objective – Human Advantage: 9/4, x 8/0
Target – from five meters: -, Will. 1/0
focused on: Garda (p. 19), Antal D (p. 28), Farago K. (p. 32)
The final result of the duel until the second victory of one of the parties: 2-1 in favor of UVSE
master balance sheet
Marton Pincher:
– We gave a giant in the first place in defense, it was the meeting of enthusiasm, heroic dedication, punctuality and first-class goalkeepers. I’m so proud of the girls, I was hoping and expecting a similar performance because I knew they could.
Attila Mihawk: “We never imagined this match would go like this.” It was already clear in the first quarter that it would be difficult to cross the UVSE region. We lost bowlers to Gréta Gurisatti’s injury and Krisztina Garda scoring, and UVSE has brutally exploited this.

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Fifth place, third match
Hungerit-Szentes – III. TVE 10–7 region (3–3, 3–2, 3–0, 1–2)
Varga V., Dömsödi D. 3-3, Polák, Kövér-Kis 2-2, resp. Jancsó, Drávucz, Kudella 2-2, Koppány Sz
The final result of the duel until the second victory of one of the parties: 2-1 a Szentes Favor

Tournament Final Result
a hero:
UVSE-Hunguest Hotels (Antal Dura, Opelli Tecla, Paxa Vanda, David Sheila, Faraju Camila, Forgax Lili, Jungle Edina, Golubancha Nora, Golubanca Szunga, Hajdu Kata, Hermes Rosalia Regina, Kakas Kryszteli, Kiziندskai, E Zwee , Rebecca Parks, Kinga Pereztegi-Nagy, Rosa Radley, Natasa Rybanska, Victoria Lisa Sagebelli, Bani Sigidi, Sara Szingel, Gerda Szombatthele, Gabriella Szanio 2. University of Dunaújváros-Maarsk Graphics, 3. FTC-Telekom, 4. BVSC-Zugló Diapolo, 5. Hungerit-Szentes, 6. III. District TVE, 7. Tigra-ZF-Eger, 8. SZTE-Szeged, 9. Tatabánya Waterworks SE, 10. Budapest Honvéd SE

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