We saw Ipolya Olah a long time ago: the 43-year-old singer now lives in the countryside - a Hungarian star

We saw Ipolya Olah a long time ago: the 43-year-old singer now lives in the countryside – a Hungarian star

Ullah Ibulia He always tries to renew, in which case he disappears for a while, then when he appears again, there are usually new songs in his bag.

“I don’t want to sing in the ring or on the red carpet.” My only love is music: writing music, performing – said in January 2020 A. Big Radio In which he also talked about his future plans.

This is how Ibolya Oláh now lives in the countryside

At that time, he did not even know that 2020 would rewrite the lives of many people: due to the epidemic, musicians were unable to perform traditional concerts, and they could not perform at music festivals, since the latter also had to be canceled. The restrictive measures remain in effect in 2021.

Photo: Facebook / Ibolya Oláh

He celebrated his 43rd birthday on January 31, 2021, and is still planning to make his debut with new acquisitions in January of last year, but the pandemic has shaped conditions differently. At the end of last year, she wanted to put in the play, The Women’s Post, with beautiful Gábor Presser music, directed by Kriszta Bíró, but the closing period came and the work was over.

“In our spirit, of course, we are preparing,” he wrote on Facebook, “but the show time is moving more and more farther away. Grief will be perfectly legitimate, it hurts, but I didn’t spend the last time complaining,” as it appeared after several months of absence.

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He wrote in the post about his lack of proximity to the audience and the theater, it would be nice to have a little peace and security, but as long as the pandemic lasted, he tried to fill the forced rest with useful things. The small garden house in which he lived assigned him many tasks, so he shredded the wood, and in the spring of this year he dug up the garden and also prepared the seedlings for planting. Of course, he also spent time composing the music.

“The lyrics of the songs are made to my liking, Gyori Heeji is very exposed to himself, and with Sani Fudo we play divinely good words. I love it! I can’t wait to show you! I promise to hear its taste soon. Although there is still a shortage of materials for that. So. Here I am, the woman’s mail will come, and more songs come! Looking forward to meeting you! ”He closed his lines.

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