Soros' blog, 444, put Judith Hernadi in trouble

Soros’ blog, 444, put Judith Hernadi in trouble

Soros’ blog, 444.H, wrote on Front Page that he had “fired an American professor for showing his students Othello in 1965” after being accused of “racial insensitivity.” The New York Times quoted the article. In accordance with Article Music students at the university were given the opportunity to learn about the process of transforming a classic literary text into an opera from one of the school’s most famous masters, but in the end everyone learned something else from Sheng’s first lesson – Writes Firewall group.

While in the United States, a teacher is banished from the neighborhood of his students because he shows them a film of more than fifty years in which a white actor disguised as black sings – the author of the article – is mood-boosting – In Hungary, Micah, Babette Kohli, Gabi Toth and Jussi Babai shout out weekly lead Attila Till and onlookers, when at least 3-4 brown-faced people are paraded in front of them every week.

Excerpt from the 1965 movie OthelloSource: AFP / Photo12

The show in question – the big revelation is coming – will star in Star on TV2! he is. That is, if someone imitates Janet Jackson, Lionel Richie, or LL Jr.,

Then he smears his face with a good thick, dark brown primer to set the mood as in nineteenth-century American shows where black-faced blacks spotted blacks for a loud laughing white audience.”

We can even learn from his 444 scientific review that the term black face dates back to nineteenth century America, when white performers entertained white audiences by imitating dark-faced blacks and making jokes out of them. In the 20th century, this was still a well-established habit in films, with The John Jazz Singer in 1927 featuring Al Johnson’s face in black, but Shirley TempleAnd Judy Garland And Mickey Rooney He also appeared in films disguised as black.

Well, just for the sake of accuracy, we can note that although the exact time of formation of the black face is unknown, its roots go back centuries to European theater productions, the most famous of which is Shakespeare’s Othello. This practice began in the United States in the eighteenth century, when European immigrants brought the species and performed in ports on the northeast coast – Mentionsed Daphne Brooks is an African American Professor of Dramatic Studies at Yale University.

For the specific post, the point can be summed up as follows: I’ll be a TV2 Star! In their show, the jury or presenter unfortunately enjoys a performance in which they did not participate, the “single catch” of a jury member is that it indicates a lack of “authenticity” of the production.

Of course, the article writer fails to point out that there is a sample double standard in the US when Joey Behart, one of the regular hosts of the ultra-liberal program The View on the US national channel ABC, is Donald Jr. I showed, there were no consequences for the data subject.

On the other hand, if we hold to the constancy of the number 444, we certainly cannot say the 1979 production of the perennial RTL star, Star of the Week.

Judith Hernady, Weekly Star and RTL Club.Photo: Poliac Attila – Orego

It so happened that Judith Hernady held a conference by Janus Galvolge on New Year’s Eve 1979 as follows: Let’s salute the tiger-skinned Creole singer, Madonna of Somers, who grew up here in the studio with incredible speed, her song title: Love to Love you baby, Donna Summer on stage!

Then comes the real nightmare of 444s, Judith Hernady, who “definitely smears her face with a good thick, dark brown primer,” in fact, not just her face, but her entire body as it appears. This is the “shocking” production:

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