We have a release date for Mass Effect Legendary Edition

We have a release date for Mass Effect Legendary Edition


The revamped science fiction trilogy arrives in spring.

02.02.2021. 18:02 | Dino | Category: Game

Last fall, BioWare’s legendary science fiction trilogy turned out, i.e. Mass effect The first three episodes of the series. The redesigned 4K-sra version is now revealed with a trailer: it will be available from May 14, 2021. Legendary version of Mass Effect.

In addition to the three numbered episodes, the pack will feature over 40 DLC with weapons, armor, and other items inside. The redesigned version features revamped character models, improved shading, effects, lighting, and depth of field effects – all in HD. You can choose to have a better resolution or a higher fps value.

We also get new options to customize Shepard, improve hair, makeup, eye color and skin tone options, and the character created to accompany you uniformly throughout the three episodes (and you can even play Mass Effect 3 female Shepard in all three seasons). At the same time, our decisions will have an overall impact on the entire trilogy, so our actions in Part One may have their imprint on the events of Part Three.

Mass Effect Legendary comes on PC (Steam and Origin), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but thanks to compatibility, it also works on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S – thanks to next-generation hardware, just as it has on previous devices. ■

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Legendary version of Mass Effect

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