We couldn’t beat Egypt either, the eighth place remains: Egypt-Hungary 36-35

He started undisciplined, but we can also say that he forgot to go on the field against the Hungarian national team Egypt: in the fourth minute, the Africans were already 4-0. With the goals of Anshin, Likai and Panhide, we closed the match, the score was 6-3, but our team could not stop the Egyptians, in the tenth minute it was 9-5. That’s right, Panhide is back again, so we closed at three.

After that, we got a little control of the match, Székely made his first save in the 13th minute, but to no avail, because the Hungarians didn’t get close to their opponents, it was 12-7 in the 15th minute. Moreover, the second quarter of the hour was even worse than the first: Lékai only managed to score four goals, but at least our defense showed some signs of life. The teams went into the second half with a score of 17-11.

In continuation, our team defended better, it is true that Panhide and Cepos were also sent off, and the referees blew seven against us, but we also scored goals. With Ansin’s goal, we went up to 20-16, and the Egyptians came within sight in the 39th minute. Moreover, with Bodo’s goal in the 43rd minute, there were only three in between, and the Egyptians asked for time.

Photos: MTI/Tamas Kovács

The Africans advanced with two quick goals, 24-19, but in the 49th minute, there was only one Egyptian answer to the goals of Boca, Legitfari and Stita, so the difference was three again at 25-22. It should have been confirmed from here that we would catch up with Egypt, but – at that time – we did not succeed, although the score was already 26-24 in the 52nd minute. But Ali Al-Zein and Sabiba came, so six minutes before the end of normal time, the North Africans advanced With a score of 28-24.

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But from there, the Hungarian national team performed a small miracle, as Bodo and Licay scored and then again, Bodo scored the equalizer in extra time in the Egyptian goal with 12 seconds left, 28-28.

The Hungarians started extra time with a psychological advantage, as the Egyptians let the game winner slip away. Accordingly, Bodo’s goal took us to 28-29, Sekele’s shot saved. However, the momentum was broken by the Banhedi exhibition, and the Egyptians tied the game with a goal by Mahmoud, 29-29. That was the end of the first five minutes of extra time.

The second five minutes didn’t improve much either, and Ali Zain scored his tenth goal, 30-29, but Ilic tied it up from a break, 30-30. In the end, two extreme goals were scored on either side, so that both teams finished the second half of overtime with a score of 31-31. The second appearance came at two times and five minutes long.

Ali Zain was unstoppable in this period as well, scoring his eleventh and twelfth goals. We held on to the goals of Panhide and Lekkai, when in the last minute, in the 75th minute, we were honored with a defense seven inside. Lékai missed the penalty, with the score 33-33.

In the last half minute of the second overtime, the Hungarians had to attack to equalize, but they were unsuccessful at that point, Egypt won 36-35 and finished in 7th place, and Hungary finished the World Championship in 8th place.

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