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Trash Movie Waste In Otherwise We’d Get Furious, Which Bad Spencer And Terence Hill Are Sure To Give Some Slaps

Trash Movie Waste In Otherwise We’d Get Furious, Which Bad Spencer And Terence Hill Are Sure To Give Some Slaps

You can really get mad because of the new version of “Otherwise we get mad.” Cash.

If I haven’t canceled my Netflix subscription in a long time, I will definitely do so now. When the trailer for the remake of We Get Angry Otherwise uploaded to the streaming service provider’s YouTube channel, increasingly poorly selected and diminished by PC hype, I decided I’d watch this Italian celluloid leftover just to make a mess of it afterwards.

After the trailer was released, I read the comments and reactions and saw that fans who had grown up and socialized on the cult, evergreen movies of Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill were mad as one, so I expected this remake would have been a huge flop, because only those driven by some harmful curiosity would watch it. . Personally, I belong to the latter, but to live with a cash template text in this case: I checked it so you don’t need it anymore.

The 2022 version of We Get Angry Otherwise is actually a re-order, that is, a continuation of the 1974 work, which practically copies Marcello Fondato’s one-man comedy. The story continues where it ended in the original movie: Ben and Kidd argue about who should own the wagon, and then suddenly Ben’s kids, who for some reason were dug up, stole the wagon. However, they are stopped on the road by two crooks who trick them and take the car away from them. 25 years later, Ben’s children have grown up and become the same characters as Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. A car race was again announced, the main prize of which is the 74 Buggy. Our heroes win this, but the son of the local money bag, Torcello, takes a look at the car and steals it. And then comes the well-known story of slapping and “otherwise we’ll be angry.”

(Source: IMDb)

Reimagining otherwise, we freak out that it’s not only unnecessary, but also a huge scam, as it sells itself as a sequel while remakes of the original film nearly 50 years after its release. If I wanted to, I wouldn’t find anything positive in The Motion Picture Assassination by Niccol Celia and Antonio Ospergo, the creative duo called Unites, who have mostly directed music videos and one or two senseless Italian comedies completely lost in obscurity. obscurity. Nor its frame.

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The main characters frantically try the monkey Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, the main villain is a z-class, ‘I have money, but no brains’, whose son is trying to prove, like a hysterical little kid, that he is so evil that sometimes he is afraid of Himself (he wanted to be the modernist version of the original’s main villain, otherwise we’re pissed off – an editor), then there’s also Cobra Motorcycle Chief, Carmister, who’s murdered as Tangó’s “fun master” (No Two Without Four) and the awesome pirate-rock leader (Kincs ami niña), amusement park Instead, he’s now a circus-acting puppet, and his character didn’t have as much sense and emotion as the Remington 7070 enclosed in musical instruments.

Since this movie can’t provide any kind of experience or entertainment, I had plenty of time during the hour and a half of playing time to think about why this remake was made. Because nowadays it’s fashionable to rework everything anyway, and is the 48-year-old late to rework into a modern look? Or, starting with the roster scene, are they planning to take most of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill’s classics in order to forge them into one cinematic universe with the new heroes? Or did the Italians swallow a lot of sausage and warm beer with urine, and after a severe stomach spasm, that was all they could vomit?

(Source: IMDb)

The truth is that all three are part of the truth. However, in order to continue the series, the main characters had to be loved, more independence and creativity had to be included, so that the product could be consumed on the one hand, and on the other hand, in addition to the fact that people say this is the same as the Bud and Terence films , like the adventures of Doctor Ötvös Csöpi and Kardos, they would not think of them in bad taste or disgust, for the latter was also able to break out of the shackle of “Hungarian Bud Spencer and Terence Hill”, and now also the local evergreen business has changed, which is sometimes too simple and trite , but still loved.

There is nothing lovable, nothing entertaining, nothing positive, and no thank you in the new kind of “otherwise we get mad.” It fits perfectly with the degraded quality of Netflix, because the dog is not interested and the dog will not watch it; Except for those still curious about how much it violated the original movie and how much it got into the souls of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill fans. Otherwise, We Get Angry is an unnecessary, obscene and bloodthirsty pile of moving dung, and it’s a shame to share it, because it would evoke the same feeling in us that we did a few weeks ago when we saw the trailer: that we get angry at him.

Cover photo: IMDb

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