Totalcar - Magazine - The new Mercedes Citan camper has already been built

Totalcar – Magazine – The new Mercedes Citan camper has already been built

It’s not uncommon for a car mod partner type to have already been launched during development – it’s likely to be rolled out this time as well. It’s just a few days mercedes seitanbol A company called VanEssa has built a kind of tiny mobile home.

Sleeping in the car is usually annoying, and anyone who’s tried it knows that. The solution to this could be a remodel by a company called VanEssa, which includes not a toilet – there’s little room for that – but a mobile kitchen and a bed, so you can spend a night in it if you need to. In the past, we may have questioned the feasibility of such a car, but after the epidemic situation has made it impossible to book accommodation in certain neighborhoods for several months, this solution can come in handy for long car trips.

The modular kitchen in the drawer system also includes a small sink with a 13 liter water tank, a 31 liter refrigerator, separate drawers for dishes and a gas heater – all available from the rear of the vehicle. The bed was placed above the kitchen, which when opened also hangs over the back seats, making it 115cms wide and 189inches long, meaning it’s no longer a very spacious bed but still acceptable for two average adults.

The car will be on display at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf, which opens today.

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