Tokyo 2020: Our women's dagger team came out again to take seventh place

Tokyo 2020: Our women’s dagger team came out again to take seventh place

After the quarter-final against the Italians, 5-8. Kata Kondrich, Fanny Kris, Flora Pachtor, the Hungarian women’s dagger team from Canada also lost to Canada, so they will be able to fight for seventh place against Egypt in the match starting at 8.10.

Flora Pachtor (right) and the Hungarian dagger team can fight for seventh place (Photo: Istvan Mirko)

There was indeed a better chance against Canada based on the initial balance of power, but this has not been proven in the past. We didn’t start this time either, the first five inches were for the opponent.

“Come on, children, harder!” The encouragement came from the other members of the Hungarian national team. Shepherd was fighting better already, but overall we lost all three Asses, so Canada went 15:7 after the first round.

“Take care of your feet!” It sounded a warning against the Italians for Chris, who had hip pain, who could take on a sequel in which Our Blankets didn’t have much success.

The Canadians won the Asses by a large margin, Chris provided a tie in the third round, then Kondrich at least managed a 10:5 stage, but Shepherd had to work 12 inches into the rear of the ass in 3 minutes, which was a near impossible task.

Chris was puzzled by what happened:

“Maybe my legs were stretched out around the bend of my thigh, it wasn’t enough time to fix the problem, of course, I had to fight with it and it was so low against Canada. I have no idea why there was such a difference between the two teams, otherwise we are a similar force. They were Stronger than us now, and I don’t know why.” He gave a quick assessment to Mrs. Chris, who, when asked if an exchange was expected, replied that it should be discussed with others.

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For seventh place, starting at 8.10 am we will face Egypt.

Olympics, fencing
Women’s damages
AZ 5-8. for a place
Hungary – Canada 33:45
(Kondricz-1; Kreiss-5; Shepherd-6)

Hungary and Italy 32:45
(Kundrich: -7; Chris: -6; Shepherd 0)

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