Weightlifting World Cup: No European Women's Gold yet

Weightlifting World Cup: No European Women’s Gold yet

More than three-and-a-half years after his injury streak, Colombia’s Lesman Paredes, who returned to the world on spring break, put on a gold medal in the men’s 96-pound field, while South Korea’s Lee Min-gi won out of the 76-pound field. . lbs women.

Paredes was a parade! (Photo: AFP)


At the Tokyo Olympics, Qatar’s Faris Ibrahim Al-Bah won the men’s 96lb race ahead of Venezuela’s Keydomar Vallenilla and managed to take the podium in that order on Tuesday in Tashkent. But there is a big difference: Lisam Paredes of Colombia took the lead, so this time they took only second or third place.

Not on the Olympic field, Paredes returned to the big races this spring, more than three-and-a-half years later, due to a string of injuries: a smooth 102-pound victory at the Pan American Championships. Weighing in at 97.27 lbs. Although only yesterday we wrote and stressed in the title of our article that a good break is not guaranteed (the first winner in the men’s 89kg drop and the women’s 71kg race only in the 10th compound), the 25-year-old Colombian refuted an important “law” For weightlifting sports who can win the competition by clicking on it. With a world record 187-pound breakout, he overcame the 15-pound Sea and 10-pound valinella, which he could safely leave behind in the second half. Even though Knight won the push, he couldn’t be better enough to comply with the “law of weightlifting.”

The final result has already been announced in seven or seven categories, and we can say that Europe is now behind: the old continent can collect a complex gold medal for men through Bulgarian Carlos Nassar, but the ice is still not broken for the women. Although Russia’s Jana Sutigeva won the first half in the 76-pound race, she broke the 135 twice after completing a 132-pound boost, so jumping into first place in the pool. He had to settle for my two bronze medals, as the gold was hung around the neck of South Korea’s Lee Min Gi, and American Matty Rogers could already put his third world championship silver on display.

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22-year-old Lee Min Jin played his first World Cup in Tashkent.

Weightlifting, World Championships, Mission
96 kg (38 appetizers)

1 – Lesman Paredes (Colombia) 400 (187, 213), 2. Faris Ibrahim Albah (Qatar) 394 (172, 222), 3. Keydomar Vallenilla (Venezuela) 391 (177, 214)
broke down
1. Paredes 187 – World Record, Old: 186, Sohrab Moradi (Iran), 2018; 2- Bodhi Santa Fe (Canada) 178, 3. Valinilla (Venezuela) 177
1 – Bah 222, 2. Artyom Antropov (Kazakhstan) 221, 3. Valinilla 214
76 kg (16 appetizers)
1. Lee Min Ji (South Korea) 244 (105, 139), 2. Matty Rogers (US) 243 (107, 136), 3. Jana Sutigeva (Russia) 242 (112, 130)
broke down
1. Jana Sutigeva (Russian National Team) 112, 2. Laura Amaro (Brazil) 108, 3. Rogers 107
1. Li Min Ji 139, 2. Rogers 136, 3. Kim Su Hjon (South Korea) 134

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