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This Toyota Camry has been restored to the last nail

This Toyota Camry has been restored to the last nail

According to the official wording, the now-introduced Toyota Camry is a completely new generation model that uses the brand’s latest generation nose design – an LED strip that wraps back and an indentation below the edge of the hood intake. At the same time, we would not be far from the truth if we consider the model listed as 9th Edition in the factory nomenclature as a comprehensive and in-depth update of the 8th Edition introduced in 2017, covering all the essential elements: Although Toyota is closely monitoring technical information at the moment, The two models share the same thing, as they are designed on the TNGA-K platform.

This floor is constantly updated by Toyota, so much so that it has recently built its important prestigious models (Crown Family or Century SUV) on it, so today it can be associated with a completely different technological and technical content than it was seven years ago. These innovations appear one after another on board the newly introduced Camry.

Chief among them is the new fifth-generation hybrid drive system, which uses an electric motor that is lighter, smaller and more efficient than the previous generation configuration, and is therefore able to drive longer and more often than ever before without having to start the four-cylinder gasoline engine. 2.5 liter capacity.

The system is available on board the Camry with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive – the latter, instead of the mechanical system used previously, only drives the rear axle with an electric motor, enabling quicker response, better space utilization and more economical operation. The revision of the drive system also entailed retuning the suspension, the basic version has become tighter and more manageable, in addition, a sports suspension can be ordered for the Camry.

The front-wheel drive version has a maximum output of 168 kW (228 hp), while the all-wheel drive version has a maximum output of 173 kW (235 hp). Toyota believes it can meet all needs with this economical, high-performance duo, which is why it no longer offers a purely gasoline alternative in North America – with this new model bidding farewell to V6 engine technology.

The Camry received the latest generation of driver support and active safety systems, including lane keeping that adapts to cornering. In terms of amenities and connectivity technologies, Toyota reaches the expected level in 2024, and thanks to wireless software updates, the range can be expanded later. In the driver’s environment, which offers familiar ergonomics but redesigned in all its elements, we can find a 7- or 12.3-inch digital instrument unit, an optional 10-inch head-up display, and a multimedia touchscreen with an 8- or 12.3-inch diagonal image.

Nowadays, the Toyota Camry is offered as a model in North America. There is currently no accurate information about its possible arrival in Europe, and the model will certainly not be sold in Japan.

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